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We are not your average DJs, there’s a reason why time after time, our clients always give us 5 star ratings. It’s because of our dedication and hard work before the event, and during the event. We become best friends, by the time the party arrives, it’s no longer a vendor, it’s a personal experience.

We are DJs, so yes, we mix music live. We read crowds, so it’s not a preselected setlist. It’s an on-the-go feel. Being a great MC is crucial, too. We are exceptionally trained in that field, too. But the best part about us, is that on the day of, it’s never about us, it’s only about you.

You are the center of the spotlight.

  • Elegant
    • 4 hours of DJ/MC
    • Dance Floor Lighting
    • 12 LED Up Lights
    • Facade (DJ Booth)
    • Monogram/Gobo
    • Online Planner
  • Deluxe
    • 6 hours of DJ/MC
    • Dance Floor Lighting
    • 18 LED Up Lights
    • Facade (DJ Booth)
    • Photobooth (5 hours) w/Props, 10 Page Book & Personalized Name Print
    • Monogram/GOBO
    • Video Projection
    • Online Planner

What do these prices mean?

When it comes down to it, we are bringing you an experience like no other at very affordable prices. We try our very best to make our prices the most competitive while not sacrificing the quality in which we bring it.

Yes, it’s true, you can find a DJ on Craigslist for $300, but would  you take that risk? You are planning an event that has a lot of moving pieces, and the DJ is really what makes the party happen. Decorations, and pictures are not what people remember, it’s always the DJ.

We are more than confident in our services, you can always read our reviews here & here.

If you are looking for something different than what you see here, just let us know, and we’ll do our very best to make the right package for you.